Our Mission:

  • Phenix exists to provide unique engineered textile solutions to complex challenges within narrow fabrics across multiple industries.

Our Vision: 

  • By closely working with our customers, Phenix capitalizes on deep industry knowledge and extensive capabilities within narrow fabrics to satisfy unique critical needs through diverse textile products.

Our Difference:

  • We strive to work closely with our customers to build trust by knowing and understanding their specific needs in order to provide the highest quality of service and to develop tailored solutions through our diverse manufacturing capabilities.

         Our Capabilities                                          Weaving

Full Line of Narrow Webbing Products Available In Elastic, Rigid and High Tensile Strength Constructions

Phenix Engineered Textiles offers a full line of nylon, polyester and aramid webbing products .  Our array of narrow fabric looms and integrated infrastructure, including dye ranges, support weaving capacity in excess of 250 million feet with over 150 million feet annually of finishing capacity.


Knitted Solutions

Phenix Engineered Textiles manufactures elastic ear loop material for Level 3 surgical masks. For over 15 years we have provided safe and reliable materials for many of the largest medical mask producers in the US.

After significantly increasing our capacity due to the pandemic, Phenix now produces over 500 million feet of these elastic materials annually.


High Quality Braided Options for Medical Applications

Phenix Engineered Textiles offers a full line of elastic braided products directed toward medical markets, including elastic straps for N-95 mask.

For over 20 years we have supported the N95 market channel and now produce over 750 million feet of braided elastic medical materials.

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