Our Capabilities

What Sets Us Apart

Our associates and supervisory teams have deep experience with textile production technologies and working insights into the materials that form our products. These men and women understand the manufacturing processes and procedures required to produce quality narrow fabrics and strive every day to meet our customer’s needs and specifications.

Our product development groups stay abreast of advances in performance based fibers and textile equipment technologies to create cutting edge narrow fabrics. We work closely with our customers and prospects to design new products to meet their needs, whether it involves improved performance characteristics, increased durability, new market initiatives or reduced cost points.


Full Line of Narrow Webbing Products Available In Elastic, Rigid And High Tensile Strength Constructions

Phenix Engineered Textiles offers a full line of nylon, polyester and aramid webbing products .  Our array of narrow fabric looms and integrated infrastructure, including dye ranges, support weaving capacity in excess of 250 million feet with over 150 million feet annually of finishing capacity.


Knitted Solutions

Phenix Engineered Textiles manufactures a wide variety of knitted products including polyester, recycled polyester, elastic and nylon. Dye to match service is available, or customers can choose from our standard color options.

Our knitting department produces over 150 million feet annually of specialized elastic straps used to make medical and surgical masks.


High Quality Braided Options for Various Applications

Phenix Engineered Textiles offers a full line of elastic braided products.  We have over 2,000 pieces of equipment in our braiding department capable of producing over 500 million feet of elastic narrow gauge fabrics.

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