Our Products

Phenix Engineered Textiles produces high quality woven, knitted and braided narrow fabrics.  These products include:

Sling Web Products

Phenix has a wide variety of sling web products for the lifting and rigging industry. We have the capability of adding various edge yarns to assist in cut and abrasion resistance.

We can customize any sling web product to meet your needs. Our in-house R&D department is available to help you with a customized lifting solution. Our complete product offering includes:

• Round Sling Covers
• Flat Sling Webbing
Buffer Webbing
• Customized Sling Web Solutions

Phenix Engineered Textiles is a proud member and contributor to the Web Sling and Tie Down Association (WSTDA) and Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF). We are actively involved with these organizations and stay updated on all changes within the industry.

Flat Sling Web 
9800lb./inch in both nylon and polyester. ( 1” – 12” )
Put up in rolls, bulk boxes or cut pieces.
Printing is also available up to 12” in most cases.

Polyester Double Wall Round Sling Cover
Standard colors with special color requests available. ( 1.5” – 4.75” )
Put up in bulk boxes

Hose Sleeve Products

Phenix Engineered Textiles is an experienced leader in the field of woven tubular products. Our Guardian Sleeve™ product line includes standard sleeves, burst protection sleeves and reusable sleeve wraps. All Guardian Sleeve™ products are made in our ISO 9001-2015 certified Hose Group- Landrum, South Carolina facility, and many are MSHA-accepted.

– Applications include but are not limited to hose protection, rope and wire harnesses against abrasion, covering chains to prevent damage to their environment and bundling wires or multiple hoses.

– Meets or exceeds industry standard for abrasion protection testing against IS06945.  Meets ISO3357, ISO6805, EN414, MDG41 and FMVSS standards.

– Manufactured with solution dyed, air entangled nylon 6, the best raw material for abrasion protection.  Standard color is black.

– UV protected.  Solution dyed yarn contains carbon black, a well-known and accepted UV stabilizer.  Carbon black has proven to be the standard which all other UV stabilizers are compared.  Solution dyed yarn eliminates dye transfer and allows resistance to sun, atmospheric agents and aging retaining its color even with exposure to salt and fresh water.

– Non-toxic

– Available in multiple widths, rolled and printable.

– Very good compatibility with Gasoline, Benzene, Oil, Acetone, mineral and vegetable oil, Ether, Alcohols, Carbone tetrachloride, Diluted bases, Chlorine-based solvents,  and Diluted acids.  Resists mildew and bacteria growth.


Medical Webbing and Elastic

Phenix offers a wide variety of narrow elastic fabric products designed specifically for the needs of the medical industry.

Hearing Protection
We supply tipped, knitted, and braided cord for earplugs in many stock colors in nylon, polyester or cotton constructions.

Draw cords
We supply heat cut, tipped woven or braided draw cords for reusable and disposable patient garments and medical scrubs in a wide range of stock colors.

Elastic Straps
Phenix also supplies braided elastic straps and elastic tapes for medical masks. We produce a knitted loop elastic with a soft texture to hold fetal monitors for expectant mothers. Monofilament elastic and button-hole elastics are available for medical applications.

Face Shield & Mask Elastic
We are a domestic supplier of latex-free, braid and knit elastic for medical masks. We offer heat cut or tipped laces for the hand assembly of respiratory, and air supply masks, as well as festooned or spooled put-ups for sonic weld assembly machines for NIOSH approved, N-95 particulate masks, respiratory or dust mask manufacturers.

Medical Webbing and Tapes
Many of Phenix’s nylon mil-spec webbings and tapes are used on rescue carriers, safety harnesses, oxygen carriers, and backpacks. Reflective strips can be applied to webbings or elastics for night-time applications.

Custom Flat Woven Fabrics

We develop and produce customized flat webbing products for our customers. These products are designed and manufactured to meet specific attributes, characteristics and functionalities.

Military Webbing

We are key suppliers of mil-spec elastic, military spec webbing products and mil-spec shoelaces, boot laces, and we are certified to produce “critical use” items to the military made right here on US soil. MIL-SPEC, or (informally) “Mil-Specs”, is a United States defense standard used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense. Standardization is beneficial in ensuring products meet specific requirements, commonality, and reliability.

Mil-Spec Parachute Cords, Tapes, and Webs
Our mil-spec webbing nylon and polyester parachute cords, tapes and webs are used in personal chutes and cargo systems.

Mil-Spec MOLLE System Cords and Tapes
We manufacture all of the cords, elastic and non-elastic, and tapes used in the MOLLE system, the improved outer tactical vest (IOTV), as well as specification cords for sleeping bags, coveralls, masks, field packs, canteen covers, and unique need items.

ACU Apparel Cords and Tapes
Our cords and tapes are used in the every ACU Uniform and every Gen III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System, all JSLIST Uniforms and all Wet Weather Parkas.

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